From a humble beginning and sole expertise as a machine-generated back-up power supplier, Anjur Ekar Sdn Bhd endeavored single-handedly gaining close relationship with its clients through quality service support. To ward-off competition and at the same time gain market share as a “Preferred Power System Provider”, the company has to streamline its business activities from just supplying generators to supplying high quality generator with low consumption at a competitive price with good after-sales service. While pacing our stride towards this goal, Anjur Ekar continuous perseverance has won over the trust and confidence of large foreign corporations that led to awards of distributorship/dealership of major brands like Nippon Sharyo (Japan) for its Quality Sound Proof Canopy Generators, FG Wilson (The U.K.) for its Experience in Power Generation Solutions and Kohler (The U.S.A.) for its Clean and Reliable Power.